Wie lange muss ich auf SIM-Lock Code warten?

Wartezeit für ZTE SIM-Lock Code beträgt von 6 bis 24 Stunden.

Durchschnittszeit auf Empfang beträgt 55 Minuten. Die o.g. Zeit ist eine Durchschnittszeit für 50 letzte Bestellungen unserer Kunden.

Entsperren ZTE Zmax


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  • Took a little longer than expected but everything was successful.

    Katherine - 2019-01-08 15:51:40

  • Servicio confiable sigan así

    Miguel angel - 2018-12-11 12:57:05

  • Muy buen trabajo

    Roberto - 2018-11-27 15:58:47

  • excelente servicio po pague a las 2 de la tarde y las 6:00 verifique y ya se pudo liberar todo en la misma tarde a pesar de mi desconfianza todo fue muy rapido y facil

    xavier orlando - 2018-11-26 21:33:15

  • Perfect...no issues and done in less than 5 minutes

    Jim - 2018-08-15 06:53:44

Wie kann man Code in das ZTE Zmax Telefon eingeben?

Der Code für ein ZTE Handy kann folgenderweise eingegeben werden:

1 - Handy mit einer fremden* SIM-Karte einschalten.
2 - Auf Aufforderung den vom handy-entsperren24 erhaltenen PIN-Code eingeben

* Eine SIM-Karte aus dem Mobilfunknetz, mit der das Handy nicht funktioniert.


2019-02-03 02:29:55 Waldersee

I really appreciate the good job that you are doing guys.

2019-01-08 15:51:40 Katherine

Took a little longer than expected but everything was successful.

2018-12-11 12:57:05 Miguel angel

Servicio confiable sigan así

2018-11-27 15:58:47 Roberto

Muy buen trabajo

2018-11-26 21:33:15 xavier orlando

excelente servicio po pague a las 2 de la tarde y las 6:00 verifique y ya se pudo liberar todo en la misma tarde a pesar de mi desconfianza todo fue muy rapido y facil

2018-09-14 20:21:25 ALEJANDRO

LO MAXIMO COMPREN YA prros . SALUDOS 100% seguro

2018-08-16 06:22:05 Luis Alberto

Buen servicio aunque deberían de dar una presentación mas grafica a su pagina.

2018-08-15 06:53:44 Jim

Perfect...no issues and done in less than 5 minutes

2018-08-13 04:20:09 Nelson

Outstanding service Thanks

2018-07-10 23:50:33 Emmanuel Vázquez

Buena experiencia conforme el pago y el servicio, funionó muy bien aunque deberían de darlo más rápido. Recomendados ampliamente.

2018-07-03 09:29:13 Brent

This was an efficient and effective way to sim unlock my phone for any carriers. The process was easy and all my questions were covered on the site. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks sim-unlock.net

2018-06-19 07:16:17 Fevian

This was great it worked

2018-06-11 11:13:06 nard

It took almost two days but I was just worried about if it'll work or not and it's perfect so that's a plus from me

2018-05-14 00:02:51 Jose

Servicio facil y rapido

2018-04-04 06:33:31 Yunaika


2018-03-23 03:40:18 jose

Excelente servicio gracias por liberar mi celular

2018-02-27 15:25:41 Joe

Great service Second time I used your service. Great results both times. Unlocked both phones

2018-01-06 15:37:09 Joe

Great service Unlocked my phone when others could not.

2017-12-23 13:46:22 Neo Fenix

Excelente, funciono como se garantizo. El tiempo de espera fue menos de 24 hrs. Lo recomiendo

2017-10-29 13:03:32 Steve

Worked like a charm under 2hours

2017-10-24 23:36:55 Silvia noemi

buen servicio gracias,

2017-10-23 23:34:54 Susan

Great customer service. Got back to me fast with my concerns. They kept their promise for wait time. Very pleased.

2017-10-09 20:07:15 Joe

Got my zte max pro from metro pcs got unlocked Thank you Nice one

2017-10-02 13:02:21 Rey

Bueno y rápido se lo se lo recomendo a cualquiera

2017-10-02 10:25:06 Paris

Thank you for the great service. The unlock code worked with no issues.

2017-09-24 15:48:31 Marcos

excelente muy rápido y accesible

2017-09-19 19:16:37 Sreenivasa

I am able to unlock by resetting the phone, Code worked perfectly. Thank you

2017-08-28 19:16:36 Dimitris

Five stars are a little bit,so I give you ten stars.Thank you very mutchDimitris...

2017-08-25 16:26:42 Kiley

Love it

2017-08-20 13:02:32 Sipos

Absolutely the best service for fast unlocking a phone. Highly recommended

2017-08-16 15:06:49 francisco


2017-08-01 03:46:19 israel

hola saludos. por que mi telefono cuando lo prendo no me pide la clave. solo me dice que la tarjeta no es la correcta

2017-07-25 20:55:23 shawnte

immediately the code worked. I am using the phone as we speak with att. and the carrier was cricket. If I went to a wireless place it would have cost me $75. save me money I am always for that. thanks will be using this again..

2017-07-23 17:42:57 Zackari

Thank you so much it worked fast good jobs I recommended you*****

2017-07-14 15:48:35 omar

servicio excelente voy a desbloquear el telefono hoy

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2017-06-07 14:39:17 Ivailo

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2017-05-29 20:32:53 Héctor

Excelent service

2017-05-25 10:14:03 Florent

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2017-03-26 07:57:22 Daniel

reliable services

2017-03-04 07:41:43 Oscar

This service is bad ass

2017-03-04 03:08:03 Aarón

Excelente, rápido y eficiente

2017-03-04 03:07:54 Aarón

Excelente, rápido y eficiente

2017-02-15 19:23:18 monserrat

muchas gracias. los codigos de liberacion si me sirvieron. excelente pagina.sigan asi

2017-02-15 15:09:36 Marco Antonio

Excelente servicio. Solo esperé 20 minutos y ya tenía mi celular liberado. Ampliamente recomendables

2017-01-31 18:34:50 Jeff

Wow I was a skeptic, but boy was I proven wrong. I ordered a Metro PCS unlock on Sunday and by Monday evening I was able to use the unlock app to permanently unlock my ZTE ZMAX Pro. Highly recommend Sim-Unlock.net to anyone. I had tried a couple of services before I found this site and none of the other sites were successful.

2017-01-18 11:48:37 Andrzej

Wszystko szybko i sprawnie. Klucz zadzia³a³ bez zarzutu. Polecam.

2017-01-12 18:33:50 JOSE

mi telefofo no se a podido desbloquear

2017-01-12 02:47:19 Angelica

Fast service and cheap love it