Wie lange muss ich auf SIM-Lock Code warten?

Wartezeit für ZTE SIM-Lock Code beträgt von 6 bis 24 Stunden.

Durchschnittszeit auf Empfang beträgt 55 Minuten. Die o.g. Zeit ist eine Durchschnittszeit für 50 letzte Bestellungen unserer Kunden.

Entsperren ZTE MF65


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  • The service were great now I can enjoy my gadget with any network available at my surrounding thanks guys👍👍👍👍👍

    ABSALOM - 2019-01-23 11:20:12

  • Wow I love you guys The code works perfectly. You are the best Highly recommended 😘

    Tosin - 2019-01-23 09:23:41

  • Best Result... Very fast delivery of unlock code.

    Aminu - 2018-12-04 05:25:34

  • Polecam. Otrzyma³em kod bez problemu. Simlok zdjêty. Wszystko dzia³a.

    Marian - 2018-12-03 18:39:24

  • Works very well. Use Paypal for Payment and be protected against fraud.

    Janilson - 2018-09-10 15:15:58

Wie kann man Code in das ZTE MF65 Telefon eingeben?

Der Code für ein ZTE Handy kann folgenderweise eingegeben werden:

1 - Handy mit einer fremden* SIM-Karte einschalten.
2 - Auf Aufforderung den vom handy-entsperren24 erhaltenen PIN-Code eingeben

* Eine SIM-Karte aus dem Mobilfunknetz, mit der das Handy nicht funktioniert.


2019-04-19 11:36:28 pavithra

It just took 2 to 3 hours after i pay... got 16 digit code and unlock Huawei mf65m successfully... highly recommend this service. Because other free code generators i tried give 12digit code which is useless... thank you sim-unlock net...

2019-04-15 15:14:17 André

Requested the code on a Friday, later on the day. By early Monday morning i had the code on my email inbox. Tested it and unlocked the device, much cheaper than unlocking in the carrier's store. 5*

2019-04-04 11:21:49 Micha³

Wszystko dzia³a, szybka reakcja

2019-04-04 11:13:33 Radek

Ok. Dzia³a.

2019-04-02 23:32:46 sofiane

thank you its work perfectly

2019-03-26 13:19:17 ahmed

So good

2019-03-26 13:17:16 ahmed

Working Thanks a lot 💪

2019-03-06 21:10:41 Marcin

Witam Jestem bardzo zadowolony z us³ugi,obs³uga telefoniczna na wysokim poziomie oraz wykonanie zlecenia. Polecam simlock24 szybko i nie zawodnie💯% zadowolenia.

2019-02-27 09:13:04 Ibrahem Khalil

Worked, thank you

2019-02-14 16:52:52 Arkadiusz


2019-02-13 14:31:29 Marek

Ocena z du¿ym "plusem",szczególnie informacja o mojej decyzji w przypadku braku mo¿liwo¶ci realizacji zlecenia w okre¶lonym czasie.

2019-02-01 08:31:59 Brian

Worked as a charm.. Thanks guys

2019-01-23 11:20:12 ABSALOM

The service were great now I can enjoy my gadget with any network available at my surrounding thanks guys👍👍👍👍👍

2019-01-23 11:16:38 Timbilla

Received code and ir worked great.keep it up

2019-01-23 09:23:41 Tosin

Wow I love you guys The code works perfectly. You are the best Highly recommended 😘

2019-01-22 23:22:10 tadeusz

Wszystko ok, doskona³y kontakt , polecam.

2019-01-17 10:53:26 Pawe³

Blokada sim ZTE MF65+ zdjêta bezproblemowo.

2019-01-14 07:10:14 simao

work 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

2019-01-08 09:46:59 Mariusz

Polecam. Us³uga zrealizowana pozytywnie.

2018-12-28 10:10:50 grzanka2004

Thank you very much for unlocking simlock I recommend

2018-12-20 23:13:03 FERDINAND

Successful unlocked of two devices. I will surely recommend to others for the nice an trustworthy service.

2018-12-17 10:01:13 FERDINAND

Unlock my ZTE MF65M succesfully on time.. Trusted quality service. Looking forward for immediate response on my next order. Thanks a lot.

2018-12-04 05:25:34 Aminu

Best Result... Very fast delivery of unlock code.

2018-12-03 18:39:24 Marian

Polecam. Otrzyma³em kod bez problemu. Simlok zdjêty. Wszystko dzia³a.

2018-11-05 11:50:05 Joseph Eric

It works like a charm. I received the code within 2 days.

2018-10-27 11:41:38 Przemek

Polecam .Router odblokowany bez problemu

2018-09-20 09:37:11 Gabb

Fast service. It works well. Got a response in 2-3 hrs after payment. Thanks

2018-09-19 08:49:39 Mieczys³aw

Polecam. Szybko, profesjonalnie i tanio. Telesystem Toruñ.

2018-09-10 15:15:58 Janilson

Works very well. Use Paypal for Payment and be protected against fraud.

2018-09-10 09:22:12 jorge juan

Perfecto, aunque mi codigo tardó 14h

2018-09-04 09:22:23 Adrian

Szybko i sprawnie. Polecam

2018-09-03 22:45:23 Hassan Habu

Everything is fast and smooth, am really happy with the services

2018-09-03 08:45:34 Abdulhamid

Tested and trusted... Thanks so much. My modem ZTE MF65M has been unlocked

2018-08-21 22:55:34 Marek

Polecam. Bez problemu

2018-08-16 12:05:33 Ismaila Ajiboye

Very accurate and delivery is not bad at all

2018-08-08 15:16:30 yao jean-julien

je suis plus que satisfait des services de (déblocage 24)... services rapide et très fiable.

2018-08-08 14:37:11 Fernando


2018-08-06 08:03:36 Jesuloluwa

its working great after receiving the code.. i got this site via google and i cant than you enough.

2018-07-30 11:32:11 Artur

Super. SIMLOCK zdjêty w oko³o 2 godziny. Bardzo sprawna realizacja. Po podaniu numeru odblokowania przychodzi e-mail oraz SMS na numer podany przy sk³adaniu zamówienia. Polecam.

2018-07-24 11:48:15 Dr Neo

The process was very straightforward and intuitive. Paid for my code and received it within 45 minutes via email. The code worked flawlessly along with the instructions on how do perform the unlock. Job well done.

2018-07-23 13:06:17 Grzegorz


2018-07-11 23:29:54 Leandro

Very good service, Worked perfect and it was very fast. Muito bom o serviço, funcionou na perfeição e foi muito rápido.

2018-07-05 21:20:07 Abigail Osem

Thanks a lot. the code worked fine and they were delivered on time. will be working with you more.

2018-06-20 10:59:29 RHOMMEL

It takes two days before I received my code. At first I thought its another scam website but I was wrong. I received an email that the code is already on the purchase confirmation page. I immediately tried the code and it works Thank you so much. You guys deserve this 5 stars rating.

2018-06-11 10:27:25 Edmund

Wszystko OK

2018-06-07 13:19:59 Piotr

Wszystko ok simlock zdjêty z ZTE dziêki polecam

2018-06-06 12:51:41 Tegemea

Thanks for the service, I ordered the codes and received them in less than 24Hrs. The codes worked well and now the router accepts any simcard. However, some routers have code entering forms hidden, so it needs extra knowledge to find the form and enter the codes. You could find a way to let your customers know how to find the form to enter the codes

2018-05-28 09:52:54 sonal

excellent service, unlocked my ZTE modem with the code provided. very happy

2018-05-15 14:38:22 Miguel Vega

Don’t have words to thank you guys. Really fast service, less than 15 hrs to complete the order and I already had the code to unlock my ZTE MF65m. Don’t be afraid of ordering they’re trust people.

2018-05-04 18:31:47 MICHAEL

Excellent service AAA+++